Top DIY Home Painting Mistakes You Must Avoid


There are mistakes most homeowners make during DIY home painting. Yes, mistakes are inevitable but we can minimize them to at least some extent. DIY home painting is an amazing activity and you will enjoy it. The beauty of a DIY painting project is that you have a free hand to whatever extent or whatever you do with your home’s interior and exterior.

DIY home painting is good when you have the know-how of painting but some of the problems we have received so far from our clients are listed here. We have prioritised some of the top DIY home painting mistakes you must avoid.

4 Home Painting Mistakes You Must Avoid

Selection of Colour

Choosing a colour is an intriguing task but most homeowners get confused when they go to the paint market store or market and see bundles of different colours and shades. It is no doubt a natural thing, you do not need to worry about it.

Professional painters can judge and perceive paint colours to look different on walls than on the store shelves. They are used to and have experience in choosing paint colours. They understand more about colour psychology than a homeowner.

Colour has a direct relation with lighting, it may be sunlight, artificial light and according to other factors. For you as a DIY home painter, always apply a sample colour on a hidden area, after some time when the wall or wooden piece has been observed, now have a look at what you wanted and what is in front of you. DIY home painting becomes an easy task if you understand colours and shades behaviour.

This activity of choosing a colour for your home will save you money and time.

Prep Your Paint Area First

Not all but most homeowners forget or they do not prefer to prepare the paint area first. You cannot ignore this very important part of DIY home painting. Preparation is the key to shining and looking awesome in your newly painted space. You know professional painters take sometimes a couple of days to prefer the walls or space for painting.

Preparing walls and cleaning the floor for painting is the initial step to do. Now cover everything you see in your painting room such as the floor, chairs, desks, lamps, lights, doorknobs and switches. The sanding process can clean your walls or prepare walls for painting. After done from this preparation, you can move on to the next step.

Interior house painting in Melbourne is famous for residential and commercial painting all over Australia.

Choosing the Wrong Brush for Painting

It is not always a good option to go with a random brush for your house painting. You have to think about and select the most suitable brush for DIY home painting. Do you want the smoothness and sleekness of the painting? If yes is the answer, then it is only possible to paint with the right tools or brush.

For instance, using oil-based painting, then go with a brush having natural bristles. If you do not know more about types of brush, do not hesitate as you can ask a commercial painter in Melbourne.

And finally,

Use of Wrong Painting Techniques

The use of the wrong brush can ruin your whole painting same is the case with improper use of painting techniques. Also, grab your brush in one direction firmly. And do not apply the second coat until the first coat is dry.

A sponge roller is best for a smooth finish instead of a brush. Also, remember, not all kinds of paints need sponge rollers. You can consult a professional exterior painter in Melbourne for more about brushes and sponge rollers.

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