Whether you’re craving to try Indian food for the first time or are planning to book an Indian table in the USA, you get a variety of options to eat in. Even Americans believe the idea that Indian food is more than curries, spicy tikkas, and cheap buffets. Here we have hand-picked the top 7 Indian Restaurants in the USA from cozy chaat eateries to rich tandoori heavens.  

#1 Kochi Indian Cuisine – Hightstown, New Jersery

Kochi Indian Cuisine is a Kerala-style Indian joint that is a true pearl of New Jersey. They have a wide range of dishes straight from the spice coast so that you can savor everything from Chettinad and beyond. Treat yourself to their Kerala chicken curry with coconut milk or snag a dish of their delightful daal makhani.

#2 Adda – Queens, NY

Adda or, “a place where people hang out” in English, is an ingredient, quality, and tradition-focused. When it comes to the top Indian restaurant in the States, Adda is a must-try. They pride themselves on serving Indian food that is modern without lacking in authenticity and has an incredible tandoor lineup. When you visit the place you must visit the tandoori gobi made with cauliflower, garlic, ginger, and Amul cheese. 

#3 August 1 Five – San Franciso, California

August 1 Five is a Bay Area restaurant that gets its name from the day India declared independence from British rule in 1947. As a result, you won’t exactly find British-Indian favorites like chicken tikka masala and vegetable jalfrezi on the menu. Instead on deck are dishes that don’t mind blending Indian dishes with international ingredients. Dinner includes plate-like sea bass with a wasabi beurre blanc, while brunch means a play on shrimp and grits, with upma, a spiced porridge made from cream of wheat subbing in for the grits.

#4 Badmaash – Los Angeles, California

Badmaash, in Hindi means ‘mischievous’, is the highlight of LA‘s Indian food scene. This amazing cafe is run by brothers Nakul and Arjun Mahendro alongside their father Pawan, who are dedicated to providing some of the best Indian dishes in the nation. Their tandoori chicken tikka is a bit of a legend, and their samosas are to die for. They also offer a variety of not-so-Indian dishes as well such as braised beef ribs and mango pork belly.

#5 Biju’s Little Curry Shop – Denver Corolado

Biju’s is Indian fast-casual dining and there are no white tablecloths, but flavor-packed, a menu of South Indian-inspired bowls. While beef is a rare find on many Indian menus, Biju’s makes an excellent version of masala neef, which is braised with garlic and ginger and served over basmati rice. Heat chasers will be happy with the X-Hot Vindaloo Chicken Bowl. As the name indicates, the dish includes a pile of fluffy rice topped with chicken cooked with ground ginger and well, extra hot, spices

#6 Cumin – Chicago Illinois

Cumin is the perfect spot for those who want to explore out of their comfort zone while loading up on favorites like lush chicken tikka masala and crispy vegetable samosas. That’s because Cumin manages to serve both Indian and Nepalese favorites. Make sure to leave room for steamy chicken momos, the popular Nepalese dumpling. Namche Bazar Ko Sekuwa is delicious boneless goat meat, cooked in a tandoor oven, and served on a sizzling platter. 

#7 Indian Accent

Indian Accent, has charmed Delhi for years. Now it has opened its new branch in America. Indian Accent is famous for Makhan malai, an ethereal mound of velvety whipped cream flavored with saffron and topped with a rose petal brittle. The other famous dish is Keema, a dish typically made of minced meat, arrives at the table with miniature buns for scooping. Each dish arrives with incredible structural plating so beautiful it almost makes you forget about the butter kulcha, or flatbread, stuffed with morel mushrooms, smoked bacon, or butter chicken. This cafe is run by renowned Chef Manish Mehrotra, whose food brings an explosion of flavor to every bite. Between the elegant atmosphere, prime location, and incredible menu, it isn’t hard to see how Indian Accent is one of the best Indian restaurants in the US.