Vipin Sahu, a Paragliding guy who became a social media sensation in 2019 by sharing a video of his first experience of paragliding with his guide gave us a lot of meme material. Vipin Sahu was born on 13 September 1996 in Banda, Uttar Pradesh, India. His video shot was from Manali on July 8, 2019, which was shared by his younger brother on his Youtube channel on August 29, 2019. The video got 3.3k likes and 122k views and was uploaded without Vipin’s knowledge. His attempt to paraglide went viral. Vipin has become a living legend in the world of memes. The paragliding man who begged his guide to land in mid-air crying “Bhai 100-200 zyada Lele lekin land kara de Bhai”, this iconic dialogue became a meme after his video got viral. 

Vipin Sahu is back with a new hit and is again in the limelight. This time for winning his anxiety he tried out paragliding again. Recently he has uploaded another video where he is paragliding at Himachal Pradesh.

Vipin Sahu had also participated in the famous TV reality show, MTV Roadies Revolution in 2020.

Some dialogue and memes of Vipin’s Paragliding video 2019 that got famous are:

” Bhai 100-200 zyada lele lekin land karada”

” Aur me Aasman ki unchaiyon me”

”charo taraf kohra hi kohra hai”

‘Land kara de”

”me *** hu jo isme aya hun”

On the Youtube channel “The Paragliding Man” uploaded a new video ‘‘Paragliding 2.0 PARAGLIDING AGAIN Face The Fear Cutting Chai in The Air 2021 Vipin Sahu. With a description on his video “@MTV @MTV Roadies. As I said in Roadies, I will prove it, My fear is my strength.

I did it again just coz to face my fear ki aur kitna darayega ye dar meko…

and thank you to jinki wajah se meko idhar udhar bhatakna nahi pada Aur Ek achhee rider ke satth achhe equipment ke satth merko paragliding karne ko mili”. 

The video got 18 k likes and 336 k views in just 1 week. After uploading his new video, Sahu has been receiving a lot of praise from people on social media for mastering paragliding.