What is a Vaccine Passport? Things You Need To Know About Vaccine Passport


A Vaccine Passport or Covid- 19 Passport is a certification system that gives entrance to certain situations and facilities to those who had received vaccinations against coronavirus. Covid 19 passport was digitally introduced by Israel last month, with is the first country to do so. According to Israel’s concept of “vaccine passport”, it will allow the vaccinated citizens and travelers to access public facilities like hotels, gyms, and restaurants within the country. 

What is a Vaccine Passport?

Mobile apps plays important role in helping the passengers create a digital passport & verify their pre-travel test or vaccination meets the requirement of the destination. A digital passport will also make it easier for travelers to share their vaccination certificates with authorities and airlines to facilitate travel.

In simple words, Vaccine passports are digital documents that are supposed to prove that individuals have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in the country. This year, the vaccine passport is going to become the most important travel document. With international flights and tourism slowly resuming, countries across the world want to be sure about who they let in. For that purpose, a home country-authorized vaccination and travel permission becomes a necessity.

Benefits of Vaccine Passport?

1) The good news is for the tourism and hospitality industries. This includes international air travel, which suffered massively because of the outbreak.

2) Another key benefit of vaccine passports is that they will digitize vaccination records across countries. Countries have also started accepting proofs of vaccination to bypass quarantine norms

Countries Introducing Covid 19 Passport

After Isreal, many other countries have put their steps forward towards having Vaccine Passports as one of the important documents with other travel documents. A number of non-profit and technology companies are already working towards creating a secure and verifiable digital passport. Some of them include:

Common Pass, AOKPass, and IATA Travel Pass

Here are few countries that have introduced the Vaccine passport.

Hungary: Apart from other countries, this Eastern European country is working towards ‘immunity passports’, proving that traveler has never contracted the virus or has antibodies in their body.

Denmark: The Ministry of Health and the Elderly in Denmark has said that they are working on a ‘vaccine passport’ for Danish travelers who are traveling to the countries where vaccination becomes mandatory for entry.

Iceland: The Nordic state has become the first country in the world to issue vaccination certificates. According to updates, all citizens who have received two doses of vaccine are now eligible for a digital certificate.

Israel: Israel last month has unveiled a Green Passport that allows people who are already vaccinated to travel and be part of large gatherings. The passport is both digital and physical as well.

China: China is the first country to become the first country in the Asia Pacific to issue COVID-19 certificates for its citizens, which makes them all set to travel.

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