What the heck is poke?


What is poke?

Poke is Hawaii’s signature dish. It’s an island-inspired dish made from raw fish and vegetables, served with rice or lettuce wraps.

The origin of just poke can be traced back to the early 1900s when Hawaiian fishermen brought their catch home and put it on ice until they could sell it at the market. However, it wasn’t until the 1950s when people started making poke in restaurants that its popularity grew tremendously on Oahu (Hawaii’s largest island). Today, many grocery stores sell pre-cut Ahi tuna pouches containing raw tuna pieces mixed with cucumber slices and other ingredients like seaweed or shoyu (soy sauce). You can also make your own poke by slicing up fresh avocados into chunks; adding them along with some garlic cloves plus sesame seeds etc., then wrap each piece individually in foil before refrigerating overnight for best results!

Why are people so obsessed with poke?

Poke is a Hawaiian dish, but it’s become popular in other parts of the world. The main reason why people are so obsessed with ahi poke is that it’s so tasty and healthy.

Poke is the new phenomenon that is currently sweeping the globe in a way that no other social network has done before. A poke is a small message that you send to a Facebook friend that comes with a funny image or a casual message. This suddenly popular feature was released without fanfare, and most users may not even know that they have it. But if you go on any buddy list, you will see that in the far left column is a small box that reads… “poke”.

Poke, in the context of messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc. is a fun way of saying ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. It is a feature which lets you send a “poke” to your friend, which is essentially a notification that appears on your friend’s screen, that you want to poke them! When the recipient receives the poke, it will appear as a notification on their screen. But unlike the other notifications, the poke notification doesn’t appear in their message window, unless they actually click on it.

Poke is typically served over rice or quinoa with lettuce, seaweed, and tomatoes for garnish. It can also be served as a side dish to any meal—add some onions and edamame beans along with your choice of protein (fish or meat).

Should I get rice or salad?

If you’re looking for a low-calorie option, rice is the way to go. When paired with the right ingredients and preparation, it’s easy to make this dish satisfying without feeling like you’re missing out on anything important. Rice bowls are also great if you want to keep the carbs down—and if that’s true of your diet, then it makes sense that they’d be an ideal choice for those whose goal is losing weight or cutting back on calories in general (for example people who struggle with their blood sugar).

However: What matters most is how filling each bite feels as opposed to how many calories come off your plate by eating it. Salad wins every time! It won’t leave anyone hungry afterward either! And unlike rice which can be served as both savory dishes (like ramen) or sweet ones (like dessert), salads tend only to have savory ingredients such as meats like chicken breasts or salmon fillets…which means there’s no chance whatsoever of feeling deprived after eating one; likewise, they’re also usually quite low in fat so even though they contain more sodium than other foods do too…there shouldn’t be any problem getting enough salt into them without adding extra salt elsewhere throughout mealtime too much sodium intake could lead towards hypertension issues later down the road.”

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