Will Signal Be Able To Replace Whatsapp? Signal App Tips & Features You Need To Know.


After Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave his statement to use Signal App, Whatsapp users have shited to Signal, the aftermath of which have led to a hike in its installations. Due to the spike in demand, Signal, in just a few days, has become the top downloaded app on both Google Play store as well as Apple App Store. In a world where privacy violations and secret user data collection has become a norm, Signal brings an “unexpected focus on privacy”, as put by the company itself. If you’ve just started using the secured messaging app, Signal, then there are quite a few tips & features you should be knowing. 

Tips & Tricks

#1 Screen Lock

Signal App includes a feature called the Screen Lock function so that you can lock your app to avoid someone using your access to the app. For that, you’ll need to be able to access the phone through a PIN, or your phone’s biometric lock, in order to open the Signal app. So even if you were to hand your phone over to someone for any reason, they wouldn’t be able to see your messages.

#2 Defocus Photos

If privacy is your concern, then you won’t have to send photos with people’s faces in them, as Signal helps you blur the photos with its feature. Signal has you covered through the send photos option that includes an automatic face blurring tool, like for instance if you need to send any document then you can manually wipe out additional parts of the screen to blur it.

#3 Send a Disappearing Message

WhatsApp recently got disappearing messages, but Signal has had this feature for a long time. These are messages that have a time limit, and then get deleted, so that your conversations remain private.

#4 Set how many times an attachment can be seen

A disappearing chat sets a time limit to a message, but the other person needs to be able to access it during that period. Don’t set the time to less than 5-seconds, else the person may not be able to see the message due to his inactivity to the app at that time. With this setting, you can send a picture or video that can only be seen one time, and once it’s closed, the attachment disappears. So, it can be viewed days or weeks after you sent it, but only once.

#5 Turn off Joined Signal notifications

If you are on Signal you might see a number of notifications of people joining the app so here are good news to avoid such pop-ups as you get the turn off notifications feature. 


As Signal became the talk of the town after Tesla’s CEO statement to ‘Use Signal’, users have adapted the new messaging app which has a similar user interface and includes features that are very similar to each other. 

#1 Linked device

Signal allows its users to use the app on as many devices as possible, unlike WhatsApp. You can use the Signal app on your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other device, all at the same time. 

#2 Group video call on desktop

Signal also offers an option for video group calls on the desktop. However, there’s no group voice call option available. The process is simple as you only need to select the contacts, add a name to the group, and click on the video icon.

#3 Read receipts

There’s an option for a read receipt which can be enabled or disabled whenever the requirement is. Enabling read receipt means your contacts will be able to see whether you check their messages or not. Disabling the option means, they will not be able to see when or whether you check their message.

#4 Dark mode

Signal also offers a Dark and Light mode feature that can be changed to either light or dark mode whenever required. By heading to the Settings menu, click on Appearance, enable dark/light theme.

#5 End-to-end encryption

Similar to WhatsApp, all messages exchanged on Signal are end-to-end encrypted. This means all messages exchanged with your friends will be visible only to you and your friend and to no one else.

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