You Need To Make Sure You’re Drinking Water That’s Been Purified With RO!


Water purifiers, especially Reverse Osmosis water, is one of the safest and healthiest options, provided you’re checking the purifier regularly to maximize its efficiency. Be it an old one or the latest Water Purifier, unless you’re regularly keeping it clean and well-serviced, there is a high chance that your water will suffer from something called “pre-filtration”.

The main purpose of pre-filtration is to remove contaminants from the source water before it goes through the actual filtration process. This helps in reducing the load on your RO filter thereby increasing its lifespan. If this step isn’t taken care of properly, you could end up with dirty and stinky water. Besides this, without pre-filtration, there might be a chance that some toxic particles like chemicals or pathogens may enter your system and cause severe health complications.

Here’s a Guide on How to Check your Water Purifier:

Step 1 – Quality is King!

Translucency is an important quality of water. When you see a glass of clean, clear water, you know that it is safe to drink because there are no impurities in it. For the same reason, it’s important to also check if your water has gone bad and that is why its colour or taste has changed. In addition to being unpleasant to consume, bad-tasting or cloudy water can indicate the presence of dangerous contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful substances.

Step 2 – Pay Attention to the pre-filter

The larger particles and heavy sediment, like rust or sand, can damage the reverse osmosis filter in all water purifiers. The pre filter for water purifier that we provide in our range of water purifiers captures the larger particles and heavy sediment before it reaches the RO membrane. This way, you can be assured that your RO membrane will last a long time, giving you clean water for a long time.

Step 3 – Fit in New filters

Filters are an integral part of most water purifiers. While sediment filters help strain out sediment and silt from the water, carbon filters are essential for removing harmful substances such as chlorine, pesticides, and dissolved metals. While replacing the sediment filter at least once every three months is an important part of maintaining your drinking water purifier, it is equally important to replace the carbon filter at least once every three months. Continuous usage of filters without replacement transfers the impurities to your RO water, so make sure you replace your filter at least once every three months.

Step 4 – Replace the RO Membrane

With a multi-stage purification system, an advanced Water Purifier can filter and remove all kinds of impurities and contaminants from your water. The latest models are fitted with Reverse Osmosis Semi-Permeable Membranes, which keep minerals intact while filtering out the impurities. The membranes have a finite lifespan, however, and need to be replaced regularly for optimal performance.

Step 5 – Look Out for Leakages

Water Purifiers are often the last line of defence against waterborne diseases. When you’re living in a country with plenty of bacteria and viruses lurking in the water supply, it’s important to have a Water Purifier that can be trusted to produce safe, clean water. Even the best Water Purifiers can experience problems, however, and if you notice any leakage or drips when filling your mug or washing your face, it’s important to have it serviced. Leakages can often lead to health problems like ear infections, so make sure you get your RO Water Purifier price serviced often.

Step 6 – Regular RO Water Purifier Service

It is always advisable to get your water purifier serviced regularly, no matter how good the quality of the product you have. The servicing for Water Purifiers involves a thorough check of all parts of the purifier including RO membrane, filter and pump. It is important to be updated about the current condition of the RO membrane, if any filter needs to be changed or if there are some alterations in the taste of drinking water.

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