Youtube New Copyright Guidelines- Protect Your Content & Channel From Getting Banned


YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created in February 2005. It is one of the known social media platforms through which many YouTubers earn money. A new guideline is framed by Youtube that protects the content and channel from getting banned. 

New guidelines speak about the copyright laws in which copyright violations are checked during the video upload process. Copyright owners and YouTube themselves are actively looking for copyright infringements, and if they find something, consequences can range from having the copyright owner make money off your video or further lead to having your video taken down, or channel banned. This is an issue because sometimes some content creators will break copyright laws by accident. 

It’s a very imperfect system, and YouTube knows this, which is why they are testing copyright checks during upload.

According to a screenshot shared by social media consultant Matt Navarra, the tool, which is called Checks, examines a video for “any copyright issues that may restrict its visibility.” 

The copyright checks usually take under three minutes and ad suitability checks are typically wrapped up within two minutes. Checks will allow creators to avoid having to upload videos as unlisted to find out if visibility or monetization will be restricted when it’s made public. This feature does exactly what it sounds like it does: it runs your video through a check and tries to catch any potential copyright infringements before you publish it. YouTube has a Content ID, which automatically examines videos, the database of copyrighted content automatically flags if something wrong is found. If it finds something, then it will give you a chance to correct those issues before the video is published.

This copyright check will help at least a bit by allowing users to not have their whole channel banned or their video demonetized or taken down. Still, it’ll be a pretty neat feature to have, once it finally rolls out to everyone, as it’ll stop a lot of channels from getting wrongly banned.

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